Kasey ORR

Maker & Owner

Being in the rodeo world from the time I was 12, I was always surrounded by beautiful leather work. Seeing all of those beveled textures and unique floral patterns inspired me to learn the craft. To be honest, I really just wanted to make myself horse tack! Funny enough though, to this day, that’s really the only thing I don’t make! At 16 I introduced myself to a local boot maker who agreed to teach me the basics in trade for helping him around the shop and doing the occasional coffee run. 

A lot of hobbies have interested me throughout the years, most of which I only dabbled in. Nine years later and leather work still interests me, everyday. It excites me everyday and is such a huge part of who I am.

 I am humbled to say I have gained loyal customers over the years that have allowed me to make my hobby into a business by selling my art. And now, creating a course to introduce others to the craft.

For those of you who have supported me by purchasing a product, placing a custom order, liking my pages.. I appreciate you so much. You are the reason I get to wake up and do what I love everyday.