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Leatherwork can be a little overwhelming when you are first starting out. A lot of the answers can be found online, but you can end up getting a huge range of answers and different opinions for one question.
In this course I want to simplify the craft and make it enjoyable, by offering you tools and tips that you can trust to give you a reliable outcome.

My intention for this course is to give you the confidence to take your leatherwork in any direction you choose. Whether that be, as a hobby or to eventually sell your pieces. I have created the course I wish I had when I was first starting out.
This course is in both video and written form.

Video portions include:
-How to use your 6 basic tools
-How to dye
-How to resist
-How to antique
-How to transfer your designs to leather

Written portions include:
-How to make watch bands
-How to make a belt
-How to make a hat patch
-How to make a women’s clutch wallet
-How to make a bi fold wallet
-How to make a card holder
-How to make earrings
-How to make a bouquet wrap

Each with step by step guides, dimensions and printable art patterns for each project.

-A list of recommended stamping tools
-A list of other recommended shop tools
-Recommended places to buy leather and other products used in this course

This course was created and intended for beginners, but I hope even a crafter with a bit of experience could implement some tools and tips from this course to further improve their skills.

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